Here are some interesting facts about Apple’s iPhone.

  1. So far, Apple has sold over one billion iPhones throughout the world.
  2. Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and since then, Apple has registered more than 200 patents just for iPhone. So, start looking for your iPhone X and iPhone 6 plans Australia.
  3. The original iPhone development and the whole idea was a top secret that only the iPhone team knew about. The team working on the original iPhone was not even allowed to meet their family members for the fear of leaking details.
  4. It is reported that the first demo of the original iPhone was scripted. That was 1done to avoid failure of the most awaited smartphone.
  5. Apple made Google change its plan when it was creating a phone operating system that didn’t support touch screen. When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone, Google went back to their rooms and worked on a system that could support the touch screen.
  6. Reports reveal that in 1983, far before releasing the iPhone, Apple had released a landline phone with a stylus. But it failed badly and never saw the light of day.
  7. The original project was for a tablet. Steve Jobs had tasked the Apple team to come up with a design featuring a virtual keyboard. The team came up with multi-touch functionality. This impressed Steve and he put the tablet project aside and applied the idea to a phone.
  8. This may be weird for many people but studies have shown that iPhone users are more loyal to the phone than Android users. But seems to be not the case anymore, after Apple suffered a huge loss when it failed to sell enough new iPhones.
  9. iPhone is the most profitable product for Apple. It is also said iPhone is one of the top ten most selling products ever in the history of mankind.
  10. Have you ever noticed the time on every new iPhone in a display as 9:41? This is the time when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone in 2007.
  11. Apple bought the domain for $1 million in 2007. And now if you open this domain, it will take you to the official Apple website
  12. Many exciting and the widely used new features like Touch ID, Payment system were first introduced by Apple in its iPhones. You can check out iPhone 6 best value mobile plans Australia and start using one.
  13. 70% of Apple’s revenue and profit comes from iPhone sales. Apple was also the first trillion-dollar company in the world.
  14. Apple created the original iPhone in a secret way and they used the codename Purple for iPhone. This was done in order to avoid information leakage. Even the room was also named as Purple Dorm.
  15. Do you know that while introducing the first-ever iPhone, Steve Jobs made a prank call during the live demo? If you not, you must watch the launch video of the original iPhone.
  16. The Retina display is the most expensive component of the iPhone.
  17. Apple’s App Store was the first place where you could legally download apps.
  18. The Home Button on iPhone is locked with hardware and you can get it repaired only at Apple Store if it gets broken.

That’s it. Let us know which amazing facts you know about iPhone after checking out these iPhone 6 plans Australia.


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